With this year coming to a swift close and next year on the horizon, many people are beginning to get ready for a new year and a new healthy lifestyle. Sure, there are plenty of classic training and nutritional efforts to follow in your endeavor, but here are 7 wellness trends that are sure to make the top of the list in the coming year.

1.) Yoga

Since yoga has begun topping the health and wellness charts in North America and Europe it has had some ups and downs, but according to surveys completed by fitness experts and educators, this method of flexibility and tension training will be topping the charts for 2016 in the form of classes, instructional videos and books. It includes a number of formats such as yogalates, Asthanga, Bikram, Anuara, and others. This can be both a high energy and relaxing form of exercise for all age groups.

2.) Circuit Training

Popping up in gyms and fitness centers across North America, circuit training has quickly become one of the most popular ways to get fit and stay healthy. These programs usually include six to ten machines or workouts that are carried out over a short period of time, without lengthy rest stops in between. Many of these circuits are set up to exercise all of the different muscle groups without the need for lengthier workouts or more high tech equipment.

3.) Cleanses

A cleanse usually consists of a liquid diet that is designed to flush out any chemicals and toxins remaining in the body after unhealthy eating or drinking. Cleanses can be used as a means of weight loss, or simply to refresh and reboot the body. Many men and women who imbibe too much alcohol will undergo a cleanse in an effort to rid themselves of access alcohol and start fresh.

4.) Core Training

You've probably heard of leg day, arm day, and back day, but core training is a training session that strengthens the torso. It stabilizes your back, hips, abdomen and shoulders in an effort to better align your body and redistribute strength and flexibility to your trunk, which is at the center of all physical activity. Wobble boards, exercise balls, and a number of other types of equipment can be used in these activities.

5.) Boot Camps

A boot camp is a high intensity training class that may include many members or a single member undergoing a number of exercise routines. Some boot camp courses are designed to resemble a military boot camp, while others focus on specific muscle groups or weight loss goals.

6.) High Intensity Interval Training

As the title would suggest, high intensity interval training takes place at high intensities, but occurs in short bursts, with a short period of low intensity training between each burst. These have taken a back seat to other forms of wellness and health in the past, but in 2016 this method of working out may be back in the top 10.

7.) Low Carb

Low carb diets seem to come and go with the wind, and 2016 is looking at another dose of meat and veggies by the looks of recent surveys. Most low carb diets include meals that reduce or leave out starches and grains in favor of high protein and high fat meals.