It's nice to feel the soft comfort of a nicely carpeted floor. Carpets keep your house warmer in the wintertime and it keeps it cooler in the summer. In some communities, a carpeted floor is one of the indications that you've been successful enough to go beyond the necessities of life. Still, heavy foot traffic in and around your home can turn that nice plush carpeting into an ugly and unsightly nightmare. You could have a professional cleaner come in and do the job for you but then again, you're thinking that if you rent a professional carpet cleaner you could do it yourself and save a lot of money. If you're seriously considering renting a carpet cleaner there are a few things you should know first.

Know How Long You'll Need It

One of the first things you need to determine is how long you're going to need the cleaner. Most people think they will only need it for a single day but quickly find out that steam cleaning carpets takes more time than they might have realized. Think about the number of rooms you'll be cleaning and determine beforehand if 24 hours will be enough. If you've never rented a carpet cleaner before you might want to ask the rental company if they can help you to determine how long it will take.

Factor In All The Costs

You also need to know all the costs of the rental. Most companies advertise the cost of the rental but there may be additional charges that you may not have thought about. For example, you may have to pay for the cleaning agent, insurance for the machine, delivery and pick up charges, or special stain removing solutions. Whenever you are renting a carpet cleaner make sure you know the details of the rental before you sign and complete the transaction.

Details About The Carpet Cleaner

It is also important that you know the specific details about the cleaner you plan to rent. Ask for a certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute, an agency that tests cleaners' effectiveness in cleaning carpet. If the cleaner you plan to rent has been tested you should be able to see a bronze, silver, or gold certification that shows the level of cleaning power the cleaner actually has.

And finally, check how easy it is to transport or move around. Some cleaners can be extremely heavy and difficult to handle so you want to be sure that you're not renting a carpet cleaner that will cause you more trouble than its worth. Check the machine's weight and anticipate how much heavier it will be once you add in the water and cleaning solution. You'll have to handle all of that in order to get your carpets cleaned.

It's nice to have a clean carpet in your home. If your carpet has been thoroughly cleaned it can make your whole house smell and feel fresh. Renting carpet cleaners is one of the least expensive ways to make that happen but it also means you must take extra care when deciding which one to use.