For some time now, the flower has been recognized as a symbol for caring and love. Traditionally, men would give flowers to women that they were hoping to woo, and this romantic practice still has some weight in today's society. However, the gift of the flower has taken on an extended role to mean something more than romantic love. Today, flowers are given as a way of celebrating a special occasion such as Mother's Day, a birthday, or an anniversary. In other instances, flowers can be given to express an apology, sympathy or wish someone well when they are in a hospital. However, ordering flowers online and having them delivered directly the recipient of your choice is far easier than tracking down the perfect blossoms yourself. So which 5 websites are the best for buying flowers?

1.) allows you to alter the size of your bouquet and add special extras such as gifts and balloons. The bouquets can be prepared specially for different occasions, and the different types are grouped according to their kind, so that you can order a full bouquet of daisies, tulips or roses if you prefer. Most of the choices are generally accompanied by a review, so that you can get some feedback before you make your choice.

2.) is a beautiful e-shop for flowers with romantic and artistic descriptions for each bouquet it sells. After you have selected your ideal ensemble of flowers, you can choose the vase you want, as well as add extras like teddy bears and spa goods. You can also choose to provide a card with some loving words inside. The website even gives consumers the opportunity to swap real plants for a chocolate bouquet.

3.) comes with a name that seems fast-paced and maybe a little rushed on the surface. However, there are so many offers and amazing things to find on the website that you're bound to be stuck browsing the pages for quite some time. Aside from standard options such as flower baskets and other plants, the website offers messages in bottles, personalized popcorn, multi-day gifting and chocolate-covered strawberries.

4.) gives customers the opportunity to select and customize just about every part of their bouquet selection. From the size of your vase to the flowers included, you can even choose the little extras that go along with it. The flowers are generally grouped according to type, recipient, price and color, and there are options for every pre-made ensemble.

5.) doesn't actually provide your standard 'real flower bouquets' but they are the perfect place to look if you want to send a bouquet with a twist. Sometimes it can be fun to send something that's more than just beautiful to look at. This website provides cookie bouquets for just about every occasion, whether you're celebrating someone's wedding, housewarming, birthday, or offering condolences or get-well sentiments. The cookies in each arrangement are all hand made, and they taste amazing. Furthermore, the price comparison between cookie flowers and regular blooms is actually not as bad as you may think.