When it comes to setting up your house, furniture is probably the most expensive investment you'll make. So it stands to reason that when people stumble across a living room furniture sale they are more than happy to save a few bucks to find a deal of a lifetime. But, buying furniture is not as basic as purchasing a stereo or television set. There are many variables that have to be taken into consideration. If you're not careful, you may not realize that you've made a poor decision until you get it home.

Watch the Price Tags:

Like purchasing cars, price tags on furniture are pretty much meaningless. While it is quite common in other countries, learning how to haggle is now becoming a part of the American lifestyle. Just because a sign says living room furniture sale doesn't mean that you're getting a good deal. It could be an indication that the store has boosted the price to make you believe you're getting a bargain. Discount stores are designed to distract so take your time, even if you think it's a good sale, and get a true sense of the market and what furniture really costs. This can easily be done online or even while you're in the store with a list of mobile apps that can give you the price of the pieces you're considering at other stores in the area.

Don't Lose on Delivery Charges:

Once you're satisfied that you've gotten a good deal on the furniture, don't let the store make up their losses on delivery charges. As a matter of fact, you should discuss the delivery charges at the same time you negotiate the price of the furniture. You also want a guarantee that the deliveryman will show up with your furniture when they say they will. The potential for lost money due to loss of work should also be factored into the savings you get from the sale. What good is saving $50 on the price of a sofa only to lose $100 from taking the time off from work to wait for a delivery that doesn't arrive as scheduled.


Finally, you want to make sure that the furniture you purchase is the right size for your living space. Be realistic in this regard and don't let styles and trends distract you from making sure the furniture will fit in the place you intend to put them. When you go shopping, take an old fashioned tape measure with you and measure everything. Know not just the size of the space you want to put it in but also the size of the doorway, the height of the stairs, or the amount of room in the elevator to make sure you can get it into your home or apartment.

So, when you find a living room furniture sale make sure that you know exactly what you're getting. Whether you're looking for something that is very low in cost because you only need it for a short while or if you're looking for something that will last through the ages, knowing the lay of the land before making your purchase can save you a whole lot of time and grief in the future.