The holidays can be a wasteful time if you're not careful, and with the season being designed to bring good will to all, it only makes sense to try your best to go green during this festive time. Just like the evergreen tree that so many people put in their living rooms each year, the holiday season can be filled with plenty of green and life preserving exercises.

1.) Keep The Lights Down Low

Lights are everywhere this time of the year, and while they are certainly pretty to look at, they also use up an awful lot of energy. One way that you can keep your home green this year is by investing in some energy saving bulbs, both indoors and outdoors. You can also keep the lights on your tree and outside of your home turned off when you're not using them.

2.) Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

The three R's are never lost, especially during the holidays when reducing waste, reusing gifts, and recycling wrapping paper should come as second nature. Keeping the landfills low is difficult during the holidays because there's so much pollution being pumped out at an increased level. Turkey carcasses, tape and wrappings, and broken toys find their way into trash bins constantly. Taking the time out to sort these items into their individual bins can make the holiday better for everyone, as well as the earth.

3.) Don't Idle

Traffic can be absolutely ridiculous this time of the year and with an increase in traffic comes an increase in idling during stops. It can be tempting to keep your car running constantly, especially in the cold and snow, but this isn't always sensible for the environment. Remember to switch off and save gas when you can to promote a better environment over the holidays and all year round.

4.) Get Crafty

One thing that many people overlook is some of the beauty that is located right outside your front door. Rather than supporting the manufacturing and distribution of millions of plastic ribbons and wrapping accessories this year, take a look in your back yard or on a walking trail and see if there are any pine cones or fallen pine boughs. You can make some really great tree ornaments and wrapping adornments without spending a penny if you get creative.

5.) Go Battery Free This Year

With so much of the world going high tech it's no surprise that so many children are asking Santa for battery operated toys, but these can be harmful to the environment and tend to include parts and pieces that won't break down naturally. There are a number of toys being made now with natural fibers and parts that can be just as entertaining as their electronic counterparts.

6.) Make Your Cards Unique

Homemade cards are still a great way to show your friends and family how you feel and add a special touch that you can't just buy in a store. There are some great stamps and stickers available in craft stores and many of them don't cost nearly as much as store bought cards do.

7.) Make It Live

Everybody loves a Christmas tree, but it can be wasteful to cut down a tree every year to enjoy for a week or two. Try picking out a live tree that can be potted and used year after year. It may not be the biggest on the block, but it will be the healthiest for the environment.