Finding a home to rent, be that for the first time or for the tenth time, is a time consuming process. Around 30% of people in this country rent their homes, and these people range from college students to senior citizens. Luckily, it is possible to find homes that meet your specific needs. However, the more needs you have, the more work you will have to do to find a property that is right for you. You may, therefore, need to know how to find 4 bedroom houses for rent. These are quite sizeable properties, usually designed for families, and they are also quite expensive. Let's take a look, therefore, at how to find 4 bedroom houses for rent.

1. Work Out Your Budget

You should never start searching for a home until you know how much you can pay for it. Generally speaking, your rent should be no more than 30% of your disposable income. You also need to consider other costs, such as commuting, energy bills, and so on. There are often income limits put in place by landlords, so you must consider that. Also find out what is and isn't included in the price of the rent.

2. Know What Features You Need and Want

Because you want to know how to find 4 bedroom houses for rent, an essential feature is obviously that it has that many rooms. However, there are probably other things you absolutely need as well. And then there are things that would be nice, but aren't essential. You need to list both, so that you can better find a property that closely matches your personal requirements.

3. Think About the Type of Rental

You have to really think about the type of property that is most suitable to your lifestyle and your family. You may be looking for 4 bedroom houses, but you could also consider high rise building apartments, town homes, single family homes, condominiums, and so on. Exactly which one you will be able to rent depends on a number of factors, including the type of rental you are looking for and the amount of space you absolutely need. For instance, a short term lease is usually harder to get than a long term one. You also have to consider if you want to rent from a housing company, or directly from an owner.

4. Apply and Go Through the Approval Process

When you start to go through the application process, there are a couple of things you have to expect. You will most likely be asked to complete an application form so they can complete a background check on you. They will probably also ask for references, identification documents, pay stubs, and so on. If you get approved after that, it will be time to start negotiating your lease terms. While some things are non-negotiable, you can usually ask for a couple of perks to be included, such as reduced parking or a free month rent every year. It never hurts to ask, after all.