One man's junk is another man's treasure. Lots of people are 'upcycling', getting their hands on old junk and making it look good again. Once they figure out that they are quite good at it, some even start to consider selling their creations. To maximize their fun and profit, they look at ways to pick up junk for free. So what are some of the best sources to do that?


Absolutely everything seems to be available on Craigslist. However, it is quite geographically bound, so it is generally best for people who live near metro areas. That said, you could always plan to pick up junk for free if you're on a road trip. In fact, you can access the free section of Craigslist from your mobile device and see whether there is anything near to where you are.


Comparable to Craigslist, this site is classified and available all over the world. Because Craigslist has received a pretty bad rap as of late, Kijiji is quickly becoming a very popular alternative. You can find pretty much everything here as well.

Garage Sales:

If someone is holding a garage sale, you probably won't be able to get anything for free. However, with some excellent bargaining tools, you could significantly lower the price, or you could ask for things to be added for free to something you were going to buy anyway. Try to hit the garage sales towards the end of the day, when people simply want to get rid of stuff.


Facebook is a fantastic place for finding free stuff. There are thousands of 'for sale, swap, or wanted' pages, covering specific neighborhoods, entire cities, or geographical locations. There are also a number of pages that cover free stuff in particular, again based on geographical locations. This is a great way to pick up junk for free. However, you often have to be really quick with the free sites, as lots of people will be interested.

Your Local Skip:

Most skips and recycling centers allow you to come in and see if there are things that you may like to have. Generally speaking, they will expect a little bit of payment for these things. However, this is like going to a garage sale again, where you can negotiate for a few freebies if you buy something else.

Launch A Haul Off Service:

A final way to get some really good free stuff is to start your own haul off service. If you have a car or van, you can advertise yourself on places like Facebook and Craigslist and say you will pick up things that people want rid of for free. Do be a bit specific, however. After all, you don't really want to end up picking up other people's trash and garbage.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to find free stuff. Whether you just like to collect, or actually have something in mind doesn't matter. What matters is that you don't have to pay for things so long as you know where to look.