A lot of people look for mobile homes to rent to keep their cost of living down. This is so common, in fact, that these mobile homes have become solid investments for other people. Yet, for all this commonality, there are still some common mistakes when renting mobile homes that people make, and you should learn how to avoid them.

Common Mistakes When Renting Mobile Homes:

1. Lying

You would be surprised at the number of people who lie to the park manager on their first meeting. They don’t feel bad about this, because they don’t have any kind of relationship with the park manager just yet. But once they get caught, and they will get caught, they may be evicted. You might not want to disclose a checkered past, but if that is what you have, you need to be honest about it.

2. Not Having Approval

This is one of the more common mistakes when renting mobile homes for those who want to buy these homes and rent them out as a landlord. Some of the things that can go wrong include the fact that:

  • The previous owner didn’t pay the rent or lot fees.
  • The previous owner and the mobile home have been evicted.
  • Park rules state that you have to install a shed, siding, and new decks within 90 days of purchase.
  • Park rules state that you must give 60 days notice before moving into the home
  • The park doesn’t allow minors in mobile homes.

What the above list demonstrates more than anything is the importance of doing your research.

3. Not Properly Using Connections

One of the biggest mistakes of all you can make when renting mobile homes is to not build a relationship with your park manager. You must build a proper relationship because whether you want to rent as a landlord or rent to live in the park yourself. Some of the things you need to ask your manager or tell them include:

  • Whether they are happy for you to invest in the park
  • The fact that you aim to become a vital member of the overall community
  • The fact that you have an interest in specific types of properties
  • Whether you want to live in the home yourself
  • What the rules of the park are
  • What other information you should be aware of

One other thing to be aware of is the importance of first impressions. Whether you’re meeting the park manager as a prospective landlord, or your landlord as a prospective tenant, you have to make sure that you are liked and respected. This means showing a positive, respectful attitude at all times. Essentially, you want others to know you for the great person that you are.

This also means being very polite. You might feel as if park managers are not overly polite, however. This is generally because they are stressed and overworked. It does not mean that you should take that personally or that you should give them a negative attitude in return. Be calm, polite, and professional at all times.