Purchasing a modular home is often a very viable investment that gives the same returns as purchasing a traditional home, but for less money. Still, even in this type of purchase there are ways to cut the costs even further. One way to do that is by finding used modular homes for sale online. This method is a very low cost alternative to the traditional way of buying a home. But aside from the cost, there are other advantages of getting a modular home.

Savings on Energy:

Because modular homes are more environment-friendly they tend to be more energy efficient than traditional homes. The materials used in construction are often specifically designed to help you cut costs on energy usage. So, you're not only going to save on the overall cost of the house, you'll be saving in the long term by reducing your heating and cooling costs as well.


Modular homes are often constructed in a factory setting and then reassembled at the designated location. This may lead some people to conclude that they are less durable than traditional stick or brick housing. However, after a Category 5 Hurricane hit Dade County, Florida in 1992, surveys revealed that the modular homes in that area had "minimal structural damage." In fact, most modular homes are now constructed to withstand winds of up to 175mph, which makes them some of the safest homes you can buy.

How to Find One:

Finding used modular homes for sale online can be relatively easy. There are a number of websites that only offer pre-owned homes and others that offer a combination of new and used homes for sale. As a consumer, however, it is important that you take extra care in your search for a pre-owned modular home as there are just as many risks as there are when purchasing a used traditional home. You'll need to make sure that the home is properly inspected so that you're aware of any hidden damages that may come up afterwards.

Just like with any other type of homes, buyers of modular homes need to keep track of trends that they may need to keep abreast of. For that information, you may want to contact the National Association of Home Builders to find out if there have been any changes in their building requirements that you need to check. Older construction may need to be brought up to date so that your home would be within the safety requirements that are set out by the government.

Finding used modular homes for sale online does not have to be a difficult challenge. As a matter of fact, it can be quite rewarding to find a manufactured home that is built to code and can meet all of your needs. Once you've found the home of your choice you can expect that everything else about making the investment will be exactly the same no matter what you might need to do. The more knowledgeable you are about the process, the easier it will be to avoid pitfalls along the way and the happier you'll be in your new home.