There were a number of specific events that made the United States Postal Service (USPS) need to develop a zip code system. When you learn all about US postal zip codes, you get to know quite a bit of our country's history, in fact. What happened was that a number of things needed to change about the way things were handled because the post was no longer being handled in a smooth way. The USPS had been around for a long time, dating back all the way to the Pony Express, but something needed to change as the country grew and greater demands were being placed on postal services.

All About US Postal ZIP Codes:

As our country grew larger in population, there was an increased demand for better postal services as well. Not just that, new towns started to spring up everywhere, and new homes were being built at an equally rapid speed. All of these needed to be visited by postal workers in order to deliver mail. Because of this unprecedented growth, and postal workers simply not knowing exactly where they have to deliver the mail, things started to go wrong.

Business Mail:

To add to the difficulties, the type of mail that was sent also changed. Suddenly, business mail became incredibly popular. In fact, all of a sudden, about 80% was business mail when the economy of the country changed from common agriculture to a far more industrialized economy. This was particularly true after World War II.

The ZIP Code System:

Because of the above situation, the zip code system was invented. You can now learn all about US postal zip codes on the internet and even in museums. The system really revolutionized the country, providing a solution to the entire problem of increasing numbers of regular mail, business mail, towns, and properties. With the development of the zip postal codes, the country's postal system started to control the way mail was sent and received once again.

Suddenly, it was incredibly easy to cover entire cities, regions, and towns. Mail would get delivered everywhere without any problems. Even when the number of houses increased even more, the postal service was able to manage it with ease. In fact, postal workers no longer had to worry about urban growth, as it would always be clear where new properties were located.

The system also increased security for the business mail that was being sent all over our nation. The USPS truly grasped the idea that business mail is incredibly important, and that it is vital that it arrives in the right place at the right time. As such, the zip code system ensured that mail would be kept completely secure at all times.

As you can see, there were a number of events that made the postal service in this country develop the zip code system. The method, interestingly, was soon adopted the world over. While different countries use different codes, they all essentially do the same thing, enabling post office workers to make sure mail is received where it should be in the shortest time possible.