The purpose behind health insurance is to give you some financial help should you become injured or ill. You never know when something may happen that could send you to the hospital. Unexpected medical bills could leave you in financial trouble so acquiring health insurance is extremely vital.

There are several benefits to getting health insurance. The first benefit is the most obvious one, as it pays for your medical expenses should you end up in the hospital.

Of course, after getting your health insurance quotes and figuring out your health insurance rates, you're going to have to pay money each month in exchange for the insurance. However, this minor amount is nothing compared to the amount of money it will save you when you end up in an unfortunate situation.

At that time, you have bigger things to worry about than money issues. With health insurance, you can focus on getting healthy again and back on your feet, and can completely forget about having to pay for these huge medical bills since you're covered!

Stay Out of Debt:

The number one problem among Americans is their extensive amount of debt, which is due to all sorts of expenses from college tuition to housing. Getting out of debt is difficult enough without having large surprise expenses will only add to it. Medical expenses can leave you thousands of dollars in debt, which could take several years to pay off if it's severe enough.

By getting personal health insurance quotes so that you can figure out your health insurance rates, you can get started on a plan that will cost you a monthly fee, but will keep you from getting into severe debt. By comparison, your health insurance rates are going to be a lot less than the monthly bill you would have to pay to the hospital each month to get out of debt.

Think about it for a minute, if you had a debt of $5,000 from a couple nights stay at the hospital and had a plan to pay it off in a year, it would cost you about $420 a month. You can get health insurance quotes that cost just a fraction of that amount!

Protect Loved Ones:

The first step with health insurance is to get yourself covered as soon as possible, but you don't want to forget about the family. If you have a spouse or kids, you'll want to get them covered as well. Luckily, you are able to get family health insurance plans that will protect any of your family members who may end up having medical expenses.

Since kids are so active and don't quite have a grasp on what is dangerous and how to play safe, it is especially important that you have them covered. Kids get hurt constantly, and you should be able to take them to get medical help without having the added stress of financial debt. You should also be able to take your children to a highly regarded doctor and not a cheap hospital just so it can fit in your budget.

With that said, we highly recommend finding an insurance agent that will take care of you. Have them shop around different carriers for the best quotes so you don't have to.