As a young child you probably sat back and admired the massive semi trucks barreling down the highway at some point. Chances are you probably did that pumping motion with your arm as your parents drove their car along side the massive eighteen-wheelers in hopes that you could get the driver's attention and laughed with glee when they saw you and responded with a blow of their horn. And from then on, you thought of one day becoming a trucker. For many, that was the time they decided to become a trucker.

Becoming a trucker requires specialized training and you'll have to make a few decisions even before you can start. If you have hopes of driving one of those big wheels you need to choose which type of training is best for you, Class A CDL or Class B CDL Training.

What Is A CDL?

Before you can choose between the different licenses you need to understand what it means to have a commercial drivers license or CDL. The special license qualifies you to drive vehicles that are more difficult to manage and more dangerous on the road. Generally, a CDL allows you to drive any truck weighing over 26,001 pounds and hauling any trailer that weighs more than 10,000 pounds. The license also includes vehicles that are transporting more than 16 people or hazardous materials.

Class A License:

If you opt for Class A Training you will be qualified to drive any type of commercial vehicle. This is the option that the majority of people think of. It qualifies you to drive what is called a combination vehicle or a truck that can pull a trailer behind it. These are the big giant trucks that fascinated you as a kid. The license also covers flatbeds, refrigerated containers, tankers, car carriers and such. Getting Class A Training covers just about everything on the road.

Class B License:

It's easy to see that the Class A Training would be the path to greater career choices but that may lead many to wonder if it's worth it to get Class B CDL Training when Class A covers everything. With Class A, employment opportunities are plentiful and you'll have your pick of jobs but it also requires more time and money to get.

Class B Licenses only qualify you for driving straight trucks or buses and you won't be qualified to haul trailers over 10,000 pounds in weight. So, when you're deciding on which type of training to choose, it is best to decide on what type of work you're hoping to get. If the kind of truck you're looking to drive does not require a Class A license then a more affordable Class B CDL Training may be sufficient for you to reach your goals. You should also consider the additional costs associated with each type of training. On average, a Class A training could cost you as much as $6,000 or more and could take as long as six weeks to complete whereas a Class B Training may only cost you between $2000-$4000 and could be completed in as little as one week.