During career days, the frequent question asked by most students with aspirations of becoming attorneys is, how do I become a lawyer? The legal profession requires a lot of dedication, hard work, patience, research, and perseverance. Though a rewarding option, the process of becoming a lawyer may be arduous.

Lawyers are needed everywhere, be it while making home purchases, during marriages, making legal agreements, or even during business start-ups. Successful lawyers grind their way up and not all may have had an opportunity of attending prestigious law schools like Harvard and Yale. For eligibility for the test, one is required to have at least a four-year college degree. A four-year college degree is the first step in the development of in the profession of law.

In addition, mastery of analytical skills, professional writing skills, and critical thinking is necessary. Most top law schools take the grades from your undergraduate degree into consideration during the admission process. A general perception is that an individual that cannot perform well during undergraduate courses is highly unlikely to perform well in the tougher grind of law school. Although there are many other factors that also determine the final GPA, grades are critical indicators of the priority in studies.

One of the best approaches of conducting research is taking time to analyze the top law schools in the country. Review qualification criteria necessary for admission in top law school since each every school has a different curriculum and criterion of admitting students. Know about the opportunities offered and what to expect. Before admissions, prospective candidates are expected to sit for a standardized test to test analytical skills and logical reasoning. Moreover, the reading omprehension and writing skills are tested. Thus, to become a lawyer one should be ready to pass these tests to have any chance of getting into the top law schools.

Once the results of LSAT are out and the minimum qualifying marks are attained, an aspiring lawyer should immediately apply to join a law school, and this should be in advance before the deadline. A full-time law degree may take at least three years, and involves a rigorous program to accustom students with the law. A step that follows is passing an exam before admission to the bar. The bar exam determines whether or not the person is qualified enough to practice law.

There are a number of agencies that offer these tests, which are administered in every state. The last test is the character and fitness test, an extremely intrusive test that checks personal background. Failure to pass this exam means one will not be admitted to practice law, on the contrary, once permitted, application for license to the state authority follows. Upon the application being granted, oath is taken and one becomes a full-fledged attorney. However, this is not the end, there is need to adhere by the rules of law, as well as being abreast of the ever-changing law through continuous education, if not there is the risk of having your license to practice law stripped.