The ETF system first came to life in 1993, and while gold wasn't the first type of fund to be considered in this method of trading, exchange traded funds and gold investing have become rather popular in the last decade. This form of trading is very similar to the concept of mutual funds, but they trade like stocks. They can be very attractive to traders due to the benefits that they offer. ETFs are able to be traded intraday, and give investors the ability to bet on short term market movements, rather than always looking at the long term outcome possibilities. One disadvantage that these types of trade have is that each one must be traded through a brokerage which means incurring high levels of commission costs. Despite this it still helps traders save money, especially if savings are put into portfolios.

The Main Benefit of Investing In Gold In This Way

Exchange traded funds and gold investing have many benefits, but one stands out above the rest. An ETF allows you to invest in gold without having to actually buy any physical gold yourself. This can be particularly satisfying because you don't have to store anything, but you can still relax in the safety of having a fall back and low risk investment in your portfolio. There are various types of gold ETFs, but the most popular is the case in which the gold assets are not actually owned, but held by a Trust which issues baskets in exchange for deposits.

Simple ETF Trading Methodology

ETF trading isn't just safer than other types of trading, it also offers a form of simplicity that can't always be found in the market. If you want to invest usually you have to make an individual purchase and you would need to select a company and decide on the equalities in the index basket. This can make it more unlikely that you will ever reach your investment goals, especially due to the high rate of commissions that can take place. Fortunately, exchange traded funds and gold investing lets you make one purchase and save on commission costs with pre-bundled ETV gold all in one trade and one price.

More Benefits Associated With The Gold ETFs

Capital gains taxes are one other area that tends to draw attraction from investors, as these are deferred until the sale of the ETF. This is a great tax advantage, and in trading and investing, advantages can be difficult to come by. You may also find that many of the limitations you face when trading other stocks aren't as present in ETFs, although this will depend on the type of ETF being invested in.

Exchange traded funds and gold investing don't come without its risks and it certainly isn't for every investor, but if you have a head for this type of thing and you have done the right amount of research to truly reap the advantages of these investments then it might be the right move for you. If nothing else, it can add some extremely attractive figures to your portfolio.