It is a natural tendency for people to want to collect objects of value. Many start the practice when they are very young, saving sports cards, toys, stamps, and coins. Probably the easiest items to collect are coins. They are part of our modern currency and are readily available everywhere, especially pennies, which are often tossed aside in a single jar or container. Many are surprised that in those jars sitting on a shelf somewhere in their house there may be some that are worth quite a lot. Here is a list of some collectors pennies values that can be used to see which ones are worth more.

Old Lincoln Cents:

These coins date back as far as 1909 and are the longest running coin series in the US. There are four commemorative designs you can look for which are of the highest value. The 2009 issue commemorating Lincoln Memorial issued from 1959 to 2008, the Wheat Ears issued from 1909 to 1958, and the Union Shield issued from 2010 to the present.

Even among these classes of pennies you will find a wide difference in value. This will depend on the condition of the penny overall. Here is a list of pennies and their values based on a Good-4 condition:

1909-S VDB – valued at $750

1911-S – valued at $44

19140D – valued at $225

1922 (no date) – valued at $725

19240D – valued at $37

1931-S – valued at $110

1955 doubled die – valued at $950

1969-S doubled die – valued at $50,000 (Mint-State 63)

1970-S small date – valued at $50 (Mint State 63)

1995 doubled die – valued at $10 (Mint-State 63)

It is easy to see that the collectors pennies values can vary widely depending on quite a few different factors, even within the framework of one specific type of coin.

The Old Indian Head:

The Old Indian Head coins were struck from 1859 to 1909. These coins were struck at a time when a penny had real value. If you were to have only a handful of these coins, you'd find that each one, in good condition would easily be worth 1-200 times its original worth and those in mint condition have an even higher value. Here's an example.

1861 – $23

1864 with L (for James B. Longacre, the coin's designer) – $62

1873 doubled LIBERTY – $625

1877 – $725

1878 – $26

1888 Last 8 over 7 – $2,650

1908-S – $70

1909-S – $450

For most people, the value of a penny is just a little better than nothing. It is a coin that is usually tossed aside because its worth is so low it can't purchase anything. Yet, the reality is that it is worth taking your time to look carefully at those precious coins that are so easily discarded. You might be able to find a real treasure in just one of them. While the penny's reputation has been pretty scant over the years, it only takes one coin with significant collectors pennies values to start you on your way to immense wealth. People may collect many things of value but even those things of little value can be worth a lot later on.