Regardless of whether you're looking at stock information for the purpose of bookkeeping, general interest, or research purposes, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to look for historical stock prices & stock data. Fortunately, the advent of the internet has made it easier than ever to track down stock information over a period of several years.

Online, there are a range of different stock quote providers available that you can access to look through historical stock prices & stock data information. Many of these websites allow you to browse their databases for free, meaning that you don't have to worry about one-time, or even monthly payments. You may even be able to join stock community pages so that you can get access to various pieces of historical data on tickers, alongside a range of other tools for helping you to select new stocks depending on where you think your money should be invested.

Using Historical Stock Prices & Stock Data:

In order to get historical prices and data, you will need a "ticker" for the stock that you want to obtain information on. For those who are new to the concept of stocks and quotes, a stock ticker is simply the report of the price for a particular security. Usually, this ticker will be updated on a continuous basis throughout a trading session within various different stock exchanges. A tick refers to any alteration in the price of a security, and the term is still used regardless of whether the movement of the price is upwards, or down. A stock ticker automatically displays thee ticks alongside other relevant information like volume, and investors can use this to stay informed about that particular stock.

How to Find Out More About Historical Stock Prices:

If you want to find out as much information as possible about historical stock prices and data, then your best bet is to head to the sources of stock movement information. These pages, such as the Nasdaq home page, are ideal for obtaining historical information and sheets that can be more difficult to find when you search through alternative providers. What's more, the information that you access will be free for most users.

All you will need to do to get the historical prices that you are looking for is enter the ticker symbol for the stock that you are interested in. This should take you to a page that allows you to uncover deeper information on quotes and other historical data, and you will be able to browse through historical prices. Most of these pages that display historical prices will allow you to simply look through information, or enter a date range that you specifically want to know more about, such as monthly, weekly, or even daily prices at closing.

You may also have the opportunity to download the information that you find into an Excel spreadsheet so that you can examine it more closely at a more convenient time, or represent it more clearly in your files.