There are many different types of unclaimed property. Unclaimed property usually comes in the form of some sort of money. There are a large amount of places that the money can come from. There is a very good chance that you could have unclaimed money sitting in an account because there are billions of dollars out there in unclaimed funds. Some of it could easily be yours. It does not hurt to check and see if you have unclaimed funds since it is free to look online. There are many resources that can help you find your unclaimed property and you should check them all. Take the time to look through each place to see if you could get an unexpected payday.

The first places you will want to check are the two main websites that people go to find their money. The first is You can look through the different states that you have lived and worked in to see if you have unclaimed funds. You will get the appropriate contact information to find and claim the property that is yours. The other site is called You will put in your first and last name, along with the states you are looking in to find your property. There will be a list of addresses that match the information that you have typed in. You could get a large amount of money if any of the information matches your personal information.

Many people use the websites listed above if they are unsure if they have unclaimed funds and are just searching to see if they have any. Some people know that they have unclaimed funds in a certain place. There are specific websites and places to visit if this is the case. One common place that people have unclaimed funds is within savings bonds and regular bonds, as well as treasury notes. There is a website that can direct you to these funds. You should type “Treasury Hunt” in your search engine to get to this site. You will need to enter your Social Security number and the site will give you a list of any bonds that have not been cashed yet. Do not worry about putting your Social Security information into this site. The site itself is secure.

 Another place that people often have unclaimed funds from is from account balances from failed banks and credit unions. You will want to use the FDIC unclaimed funds database if your federally insured bank ever went under. You will be able to follow their easy steps to get the money that was in your account. The process for getting your funds from a failed credit union is very similar. You only have 18 months to claim your money at the full-insured amount from the National Credit Union Association. You will want to go the NCUA database and then submit a Member Verification Form.

Some people have unclaimed money from life insurance policies. This can happen if an insurance company merges with another company or go out of business. You will want to contact the insurance department in the state where the policy was held to locate your funds. They will tell you who to call in order to get your money.

There are many places where unclaimed property can be found. It can be overwhelming to go through all of the possible options to claim money that is rightfully yours. Taking your time and looking through each option could yield great results. It could lead to a wonderful pay off.