Tom Iarocci, MD

Advocate for people dealing with chronic disease and those in need of hope and healing. Areas of interest include diabetes, cancer and infectious disease. When not working, Dr. Iarocci enjoys spending time with family, being active in his faith, playing acoustic guitar, and gardening.


Shortly after medical school, Dr. Iarocci began his career in medical research, writing and online communications at the American College of Radiology in Philadelphia, PA. He gained hands-on experience with clinical trials, and his contributions were acknowledged in the New England Journal of Medicine article, "Diagnostic Performance of Digital versus Film Mammography for Breast-Cancer Screening."

Working with clients in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Iarocci developed a good understanding of how new drugs become FDA-approved medications, and he also gained a built-in way to stay current on the rapid changes in medicine and emerging therapies. Likewise, he enjoys working on continuing medical education programs, which puts him in touch with current insights from expert clinicians across the country.

An independent medical writer/editor since 2007, Dr. Iarocci has authored and edited all types of health articles, as seen on sites such as WebMD, Medscape, MedPage Today, SymptomFind, Verywell, and MDLinx.


M.D. — University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore
M.S. — Department of Pathology at University of Maryland, Baltimore
B.S. — College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia

— “There is still the opportunity for healing, even when a cure seems out-of-reach.”

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