5 Common Short Hairstyle Ideas For Men

By Allen Young
Updated January 24, 2017
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5 Common Short Hairstyle Ideas For MenFor most men, the short hairstyle is a traditional look. Though many have experimented with medium and even long-length hair cuts in the past, many find the short and chiseled look to be a simple and easy-to-care-for solution to looking crisp and clean. Most short hairstyles, including the 5 common short hairstyles for men that we'll cover here, are easy to manage and can look incredible.

There are plenty of great ways for people with short hair to add extra style to their look. There's far more than just the standard buzz or crew-cut on the market today, and if you add fringes, texture, and spikes, you can get a look that really sets you apart from the crowd.

Here, we'll take a look at 5 common short hairstyles for men to help give you a little inspiration for your next look.

1. The Modern Crew Cut

The first of our 5 common short hairstyles for men comes from a very traditional look - but that doesn't mean that it isn't any less inspiring for the new year. The modern crew cut comes from military innovation, but it can be updated for the modern look with some faded temples that blend discreetly into a short and well-maintained beard. To get a really interesting appearance, you should keep the top of your cut a little longer than the standard regulation length, and push some product through the hair with the tips of your fingers to give it a little additional lift.

2. The Curly Fade

If you've got natural curls and you want to make them as low-maintenance and stylish as possible, this could be the best short haircut for you. Ideal for those who want to make the most out of the natural volume that their hair automatically has, this look is charming and romantic, with a touch of fun to it. To get the style, you'll need to leave your curls moderately long on top, and get rid of the sides completely with a high fade. Remember to keep those curls primped on top though.

3. Disconnected Beard and Spiky Hair

For an extra bit of excitement in your everyday look, this combination shouldn't be mistaken for your everyday style or cut. With plenty of textured volume at the back and a bold fringe straight across the front, it's perfect for those who want to make a quick impact. Add in sideburns at an angle and a high-low fade to complete this look and make sure that you're the first for burning hot fashion.

4. The Textured Taper

Remember, just because you're cutting your hair short or maintaining a short-haired look doesn't mean that you should just ignore products entirely. There are plenty of ways to add some intrigue to your daily appearance by adding a spot of gel or cream. For instance, a dab of matte gel can be enough to add direction to a great textured cut.

5. Short and Textured

Finally, liven up your appearance by simply working your fingers and a little bit of product through your hair. This look should work for any face shape, and help to enhance the jawline too for a more masculine appearance.

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