If you're lucky enough to be naturally blessed with thick hair then you're probably the envy of a lot of women around the world. Every woman dreams of a day when she doesn't have to deal with the horror of limp hair or lack of volume. When clean and groomed properly, thick locks can look beautiful when framing almost any face. However, at the same time, it is possible for certain thick hairstyles to feel quite heavy in people with longer hair. In this situation, shorter haircuts can be an excellent solution.

Here, we'll cover some short hairstyles for women with thick hair, to help give you some inspiration.

1. Short layered hair

Many women who are blessed with thick hair try to go short and then encounter embarassing moments. Nobody wants to walk out of the salon looking as though she is wearing a wig. For short hairstyles for women with thick hair, adding some layers to the mix to improve texture and provide a better overall shape is often desirable.

2. Short bob

Short hair cuts for thick hair can look great when the locks are straight and carefully groomed. A sleek bob can make sure that you get the most out of your volume while still framing your face perfectly. You can also include shorter layers on the side and back for a more flirty cut.

3. Layered pixie cut

Once again layers are essential with this look. If you have thin hair, then a pixie cut can help draw attention to your natural assets. However, with thick hair, you can really make an impression. Try dying your hair a softer color to draw attention to your face and really make your natural beauty shine.

4. Asymmetrical cut

If you're looking for something a little different, why not try an asymmetrical cut, where half of your hair is left slightly or drastically longer than the other. For women with thick hair this allows you to get all the benefits of short and long hair at once, while making a real style statement too.

5. Grown out pixie

As we mentioned above, shorter hair styles for thick hair are all about the layers. When cut to a medium short length, you can always experiment with different textures and show off your layers. Try opting for a grown-out pixie cut if you're unable to decide between a bob and a pixie style.

6. Wavy bob

If you don't want a straight-lock look, but you want to maintain the same bob appearance that is so popular with many people who have thicker hair, then a wavy bob could be the perfect answer. This chic style is easy and sexy, particularly for people who have naturally curly or wavy hair. Add a little bit of mousse or hair spray for extra volume during those nights on the town, and brush through with the tips of your fingers to avoid creating too much of a frizzy look with a brush or comb.

Above are six stylish short hairstyles for women with thick hair. It is up to you to choose the ones that are most appropriate for your specific features.