For most women, the hairstyle they choose tells a lot about them. Once they reach the 50 year mark, many women want to show that they are aging gracefully and are dressing to give a certain air of authority. They are ready to shed their long luxurious locks of younger years and are looking for something that is both classy but easy to manage. The challenge, however, is that if you choose the wrong hairstyle, you could make yourself look older rather than more mature. Let's take a look at some of the best short hairstyles for women over 50.

A Medium Length Cut:

The bob is the one of the most common short hairstyles for women over 50. A bob is a hairstyle that can be both short and long. Keeping it longer in the back and shorter in the front it's a style that focuses on a woman's natural beauty and frames her face beautifully. Some women keep it a little messy giving the effect that while they are sophisticated they are still holding on to a little of that youthful spirit.

The Short:

A short hairstyle cut in the right style can show real class. If you style it right, you can add extra lift to otherwise thin and flat hair so that you make the most of your locks. It can be fancy, chic, and elegant all at the same time and is a perfect style no matter what the occasion.

Short and Classy:

With a sweep of bangs across the forehead, women with thick hair can really pull this style off. With just a few passes with a comb and brush, you can have a chic and elegant look in just a matter of minutes.

The Silver Crown:

Women over 50 no longer need to worry about dying their gray hair away. A soft tomboy cut with silver hair is the perfect frame for the mature woman.

The Super Short:

When your hair is cut super short there is little to no maintenance to keep it up. Often women cut it so short that they cannot even use curlers or other styling devices to change their look. Just a simple pass over with a brush and you're set to go. In some cases, super short means that there is nothing to pass the comb through. Make sure you accent your look with make-up and jewelry to finish it off.

The Modern Medium:

This look, often worn by Diane Keaton, is a way to go short without overdoing it. It's medium length is produced with hairspray and a rotating brush to add a little volume to otherwise thin hair.

The old saying "age is just a number" is true only if you know how to look your best at any age. The best way to do that is with hairstyles that reflect more than just a new look. The style you choose should be a mirror to your inner self. It is common for women to change their hairstyles at least once a year but sticking with the latest trends is not always the best way to go about it. Find out some classy and elegant short hairstyles for women over 50 that will bring out the features of your face but still reflect the genuine maturity you want people to see.