Women who have a round face often believe that they should not have a short hairstyle. This is because, if they do have their hair cut short, it will emphasize just how round their face is. Fortunately, so long as you have the right haircut, you could absolutely rock it if you have a round face. Let's take a look at some of the best short hairstyles for women for round faces out there.

Four Short Hairstyles for Women for Round Faces:

1. The Cotton Candy

The Cotton Candy is a style whereby the top is short, except for the left side, where the hair stays long. This is a really couture, edgy style. Make sure, as well, that you have a beautiful color in there, and try to have some waves in your hair as well. This means that, when you style it, you have to apply a product on dry hair to make it wet. Next, get a blow dryer to the sides of your hair, while using a good styling brush. Once dry, you need to use another styling product to add texture to it. Last but not least, set you hair with a good hairspray. This style, if applied correctly, looks great not just on women with round faces, but also to those with hair that is medium in density and texture.

2. Untucked

If you have a round face, regardless of how long your hair is, you should never tuck it behind your ears. Instead, you should allow your hair to cover quite a bit of your face, thereby effectively hiding some of it, making it look narrow rather than round. To get this look right, apply some styling mousse to your hair when it is wet, and use a large round brush to blow dry it. Once it is completely dry, pick up your flat iron and smooth the hair from the middle of the shaft downwards. Then apply a serum to add some shine to it.

3. The Extreme Asymmetric Bob

This is a very edgy style and one that most women with a round face can pull off, but are often afraid to. Here, one side of the bob is much longer than the other. What this style is able to do is make the eye of someone who sees you look up, thereby lengthening your face. Start with wet hair with some styling product and blow dry with a large round brush. Smooth it from the middle downwards and create shine with some serum.

4. The Graduated Bob

The graduated bob has a short back and long front. This means your face is pushed, making it look narrow. It also gives you hair more volume. Apply a styling product to wet hair and use a large round brush to blow dry, then smooth from the middle down, just as with the extreme bob. A lightweight product can be used for a bit of texture.

As you can see, there are plenty of short hairstyles for women for round faces out there.