1.) Camera

The camera in iOS 7 now includes 3 new shooting formats: square, front, and center. The camera is also faster and the new filters let you do even more with an image or video.

2.) Photos

Photos are now faster, easier, and more organized than ever. iOS 7 now introduces years, collections, and moments, which groups your photos and videos based on time and place. When you tap years all of your photos and videos fill the screen. This upgrade now makes it easier to find a photo or video from whenever, wherever, in no time at all.

3.) AirDrop

AirDrop lets you quickly and easily share photos, videos, contacts; and anything else you want to share through the touch of a button. How is this possible? Just tap share, then select the contact you want to share with. This app does the rest for you using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Every transfer is encrypted, so everything you share is secure.