Growth hacking is the modern way to reach a market and distribute an idea, with a focus on pulling an audience, in by providing immediate value. Growth hacking is circumventing the traditional marketing channels which have proved costly and crowded. When done correctly a successful growth hack produces a self-perpetuating viral loop which grows and scales with little help.

The next battle ground of growth hacking is video. According to Cisco, video accounted for 57% of all internet traffic in 2014; a figure which is predicted to increase to 72% by 2019. With the internet exploding with video, how are you changing your growth hacking approach to account for it? Creating YouTube videos, vines, or uploading video to Facebook? If you’ve been experimenting with these platforms; you’re not alone. YouTube alone sees 300 hours of video uploaded every minute. These channels are crowded with businesses and users alike trying to get in front of eyeballs. With this being the case, growth hackers are scrambling to get an edge. A new platform available for sharing, collecting, and creating video is QwipIt. QwipIt makes it easy for you and your audience to create fun looping videos out of your existing video content.

Share these looping qwips (what QwipIt calls the clips) to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or embed them on your website from the QwipIt interface. Qwips have proven an effective manner of growing your video audience for a handful of reasons.

Qwips are short. They are a maximum of 11 seconds, which is long enough to create a brand lift but short enough to be watched.

Qwips link back to your original content. Qwips aren’t stealing views; they are driving traffic back to your long form video content on your website or YouTube channel.

Qwips are easy and fun to create and simple to share. Within minutes you can create a qwip and share it through your social media channels or embed it on your website. No need to spend time in the editing room, qwips are created with the press of a button.

Qwips are viral by nature. Add text over the video to get your audience’s attention and a caption to add spice to your content strategy. The loop count on each qwip lets you know how many people have watched it and the share buttons entice your audience to share them with others.

In a world where marketing channels quickly get saturated, it is important to stay at the forefront of the latest and greatest growth hacking opportunities. Give QwipIt a try and watch your audience grow.