The 3 Smart Headphones That Rival Beats

By David Moore
Updated April 9, 2015
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The 3 Smart Headphones That Rival BeatsWhile Apple and Beats may be stealing all the spotlight in the headphone industry, there are some smaller companies making major moves while Apple was busy locking down Beats.

Specifically, three companies I'm going to highlight that were absolute kickstarter smashes below with unbelievable technology.

1.) Bragi - The Dash

These completely wireles stereo headphones will playback music through a bluetooth connection or use the embedded 4GB music player. Not only will these headphones play music, but also monitor biometrics, such as your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as count your steps and measure your blood oxidation levels. You can preorder yours now at Bragi for $299.00 USD. Estimated shipping is around January 2015 and they come in black and white.

2.) Earin

Earin, known as the world's "smallest wireless earbuds" available on the market are revolutionary. These earin headphones function as one bluetooth headphone, with no cables, or attachments. Weighing in extremely light, these earbuds have a play time of 3 hours, and this can be doubled if charging in the capsule The Earin's have one goal in mind: to deliver high quality audio sound through very small earbuds.

3.) Avegant - Glyph

The Glyph, by Avegant may look like an ordinary pair of over-the-ear headphones in the picture above, but these headphones let you flip down the headband for your own personal retina video display. Weighing in at 16 oz. with a battery life of 3 hours video, 48 hours audio runtime, and are available in blue, white, orange, red, green, or black. What's also cool about these headphones is they can recharge via microUSB cable. Pre-order on their site and get your pair reserved for $499 plus shipping.

Watch below and see how playing music is only a small fragment of what these headphones can do.

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