In today’s world, music has become the main thing for relaxation and fun. Apple is a company which is known only for it's perfection and quality, whether it is an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

But here we stick to the discussion of the 5th generation iPod which is the latest iPod version launched by Apple. It has a new aluminum glossy design with colored case options and improved camera, along with A5 processor, and longer 4” retina display.

The Apple iPod 5th Generation has quickly become a staple for today’s youth as it is a style statement, along with carrying our day-to-day musical activities. The iPod 5th generation has very thin dimensions of 123.4(h)x58.6(w)x6.1(d)mm and comes in a 32 gb and 64 gb variants with 5 color options: white, pink, yellow, blue, and black.

Moreover the 5th generation iPod consists of a 4 inch diagonal widescreen display with Multi-touch IPS technology. Lastly, due to its 326 ppi density with a resolution of 1136 by 640, pixels now make images pop, and come alive.

For years, the Apple insight cameras have been best in their class and no one can deny it. Apple has produced a five megapixel insight camera with LED flash and five element lenses so photography is much more professional and clean. It also comes with support of full HD recording on 30 fps and because of it's big aperture of f/2.4, low light imaging is best and filters; which takes your photography experience up a whole new level. Like all of its versions in this, Apple had provided its lighting connector. Once it's lithium-ion battery is fully charged it will easily play audio for up to 40 hours and video for up to 8 hours.

In this 5th generation iPod, Apple has also provided us with iPod loop which is a great way to keep your iPod handy and safe. The best feature is it's iOS 7, Apple's buttery-smooth software. It is designed in a way that you can take full advantage of your iPod’s advanced technologies. lt also introduces new features like air drop, iTunes radio, and much more. It's dual core A5 chip doubles your gaming experience and it is also seven times faster than older generations; so browsing, gaming, photography, video editing are not lagging anymore.