Finding a deal on airfare can be grueling and time consuming. There are so many different websites to choose from, and all of the advertisements claim that one website is better than another. There are so many different options, it can be overwhelming to choose which site works best for you. It is important to compare sites, especially if it is your first time searching for deals on airfare. This will help you decide which website works best for you with your specific travel plans. Looking through all the websites can take a lot of time, so narrowing them down is important. Start with the well-known sites, and then look at the new, upstater sites. Here is a list of the best websites to find online flight deals.


You have seen the commercials, and what they say is true. Kayak will compare hundreds of different websites at once, saving you valuable time. You can choose just flights, but kayak also offers options in packages with flight, car and hotel. It also allows you to click an “include nearby” option, which will open up your search to airports in the area. Flying from a different airport can save money, so this option will help you see lower costs in nearby areas. Kayak also allows you to choose which other websites you want to compare their prices, which will help widen or narrow your search. You can choose how many stops you are willing to have, times you want to depart, and airlines you want to take. This website provides many different options to comparing prices, and lets you be as specific as you want.


This is a smaller website that not a lot of people have heard of, but it is definitely a great site to look at when traveling. Like Kayak, it compares the prices of different websites, allows you to look at nearby airports, and choose the amount of stops you are willing to make. Momondo also gives you options for cheapest, quickest and the best tickets at the top of the page. The “quickest” option shows you flights with non-stop service, allowing you to choose only from those options so you don’t have to look through flights with stops if you do not want to. It also allows you to go to the site that is offering the deal, which will also show you other deals that specific website is offering for your trip.


The website is just as it sounds; happy. The only information you put in at the start is your departure city and your destination, and the dates that you want to fly. The site then takes you onto the next page, allowing you to filter through different options. You can select flights that are the cheapest, look at different airports you may want to fly to, times and airlines. This website gives you many different ways to find the perfect flight for you. It also allows you to search “happiness factors” such as nicer planes, roomier seats, Wi-Fi capability, and ratings. This will allow you to filter out unnecessary in-flight details that can make your flight cheaper.


If you are looking for an easy to navigate site that will always compare its flight prices with other major competitors, Expedia is your site. Expedia gives you flights that range from cheapest to most expensive, and from flights that have some stops to non-stop flights. This website also allows you to track any changes in the prices of your specific flight that you have saved on the website, so you can know of any better deals right away. Expedia also gives you a rating for that specific flight and airline, giving you a score out of 10, and labeling it very good, good, satisfactory, and fair. This will allow you to compare price to experience, which is always helpful when choosing a flight.


This website gives you so many options when checking prices, you may feel overwhelmed. But no worries, it is actually easier than it looks. This website shows you prices specifically for your departure dates, but also shows you at the same time a few days prior and after your departure date from both destinations. It highlights your specific date, and highlights your cheapest option. After you decide on a price, you click on it and takes you to the next page that shows you the rate you clicked on, as well as a range of different prices close to the rate you picked, as well as different airlines. They will also show you if there is a free cancel option. This website is easy to navigate and gives you many options to choose from.